The gull is to poo on everything you can and unlock the dragon! You have limited poos! Land on the ground or make a quick stop in a nest to feed!


  • space: Flap!
  • j: Dive!
  • k: Poo!
  • m: Mute!
  • If you die, press any key to shop!

Might be very loud! Make sure to turn the volume pretty low! Sorry!

Thanks for playing!

Please leave feedback on we could make our game better!


PooTheCoopLinux.x86 30 MB
PooTheCoopLinux.x86_64 30 MB
Download 8 MB
Download 31 MB


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The j and k keys are mixed up in the description. Great idea for the marking theme! I like the multitude of sprites in the game!

I fixed it! Thanks for the feedback!

We would be incredibly thankful for any kind of feedback. Thanks again for playing!